What makes denim premium you ask? One answer: Fiber technology. When you talk to denim enthusiasts about what their go to brand of premium high quality denim is, you will surely hear AG Jeans the best denim jeans for Women near the top of their list. AG Jeans as a well-known brand of premium denim in the market. It produces collections after collections of denim using top of the line high quality fabric with precision tailoring and attention to detail that will make every denim lover's dream come true. The quality is in the details. As somebody from the denim enthusiast spectrum myself, it is highly likely to meticulously inspect each piece of denim as though every fiber or stitch will lead to satisfy my fancy. 

          Fabric is key. This is ultimately what sets AG Jeans and other premium denim brands apart from your run of the mill pair that can normally be bought for much cheaper in big brand fashion stores. One fabric that the brand uses is a Supima blend Japanese denim, sometimes combined with minimal stretch for added comfort. Supima or Pima Cotton is a type of cotton fiber that has long staples or strands. It is originally cultivated by a Native American Indian tribe. The longer strands makes the fabric softer and it is more durable thus making the jeans last longer. Another fabric that AG Jeans uses has Modal content. Added to the brand's continuing quest to being socially and environmentally responsible, they purposely find new techniques and technologies to support this cause. Modal is a fairly new technology in fabric created by Lenzing, one of the leading tech companies for fabric and material development. Fabrics, especially denim that uses this fiber has an exceptionally soft feel thus making it very comfortable to wear even on the first try. If like me, you live in your jeans, you will notice that some pairs are very rough when you wear them straight out of the washer even when you use fabric softener on them. By using the Modal fiber technology, wearing AG Jeans even after repeated washings eliminates this "first time crunch" you feel when you wear a newly washed pair. Added to the roster of premium fabric technology, some pairs uses fabric with Lyocell content. Lyocell or Tencel is also a fiber technology developed by Lenzing that is derived from making fibers from wood pulps. Fabrics that uses this technology absorbs moisture quickly and releases them in the air making the garment absorbent. This also has properties that prevents bacterial growth in a completely natural way. Preventing the growth of bacteria and releasing moisture or sweat quickly and dispersing them in the atmosphere makes the fabrics with Lyocell content a cut above the rest of its supposed counterpart.

AG Jeans sticks true to its denim DNA while still supporting causes that uplifts and pushes their beliefs forward. It is another one of a growing list of brands who likes to walk their talk. And it is another proof that technology and fashion surely goes hand in hand. It is about time we put our money where our posts are.